Why should you invest in a disaster recovery


Disasters are unpredictable in business and if there’s no disaster recovery plan at the place, chances are that the consequences are severe.  A recent report stated that 93 percent of companies that experience data loss and downtime has a  possibility of filing for bankruptcy within 12 months. In addition, 43 percent of companies that do not have a disaster recovery plan will go out of business in the aftermath of major data loss.

When you invest in an HA and DR solution, you ensure business continuity, avoid stress and that’ll save you from the devastating recovery costs. Need a nudge? Read on disaster recovery and what you can do about it.

What is disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery is an approach to security planning which aims to quickly recover from the risks in the event of a data breach, theft, data loss, or any disaster with minimum damage and maximum efficiency. The obvious benefit of having a disaster recovery plan is business continuity, regardless of the circumstances. Having a strategic approach to business continuity can help a company in a number of other important ways.

Here are a few reasons why you need to be investing in a disaster recovery plan

  1.  Faster Response Times

In the event of a disaster, time is the essence. Each minute wasted if dollars wasted. When you have a contingency plan set up, you have a faster response rate that’ll quickly get you out of the disruption with minimum damage and cost.  The modern DR’s have automated tools that deploy solutions, move to backups and act quickly when an incident has been triggered

2. Increased Flexibility

With the cloud, disaster recovery becomes easier as the disaster recovery location and site are different and both are not affected by each other. Cloud solutions help your company and its business units can decide on what data and applications are most critical and in need of being backed up. You will only pay, in most cases, for the data and applications you choose to back up.

3. Reputational Preservation
Customers see the high quality and uninterrupted solutions and when you have a disaster recovery plan in place, it gets totally possible. You will be able to provide your customers with their needed services irrespective and help them meet service-level agreement stipulations. of services when other organizations are struggling to recover from attacks or natural disasters

4. Regulatory Compliance

In verticals of medical, financial services, or food production, having an IT recovery plan will help your company remain compliant in oversight requirements. A lot of important data is stored and processed and its important that you keep a plan in place to recover the data loss/threat immediately.

How Tekpros can help?

Tekpros offers you the Next-Gen IT business continuity solutions that minimize data loss and provide fast, automated recovery of critical systems for protection against events that can devastate normal business operations.

We offer full-spectrum solutions from disaster recovery consulting and planning, to full restoration of mission-critical applications and services. Our Disaster Recovery services protect your critical business technology infrastructure, ensuring your organization exceeds the most challenging Objectives with automation, expertise, and technology solutions. We have senior technicians and disaster recovery experts on board who are available 24x7x365 to implement your DRaaS plan in the event of an emergency.

Interested to talk to us on understanding how we tailor our BCP plan to safeguard your IT infrastructure? Contact us at 972 267 8357 or drop us a message at https://www.tekpros.com/contact-us.php

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