Why is an infrastructure assessment important to execute?


Downtime is a serious problem IT businesses face. Statistics reveal that more than $21.8 million is wasted due to downtime and that is primarily caused because most IT organizations tend to be reactive that proactive.  IT support staff generally spend more time solving the problem instead of identifying them before hand.  This not only wastes time and cost of bouncing back to the safe zone, but also pushes your business more towards vulnerabilities.  
The situation becomes even bleaker and your IT problems tend to build over a period of time. The Unpreparedness of your business also puts the experience of your end users and customers at stake. For this and many other reasons,a proactive infrastructure Assessment is of paramount importance.  
What’s Included in an IT Infrastructure Assessment? 

Typically, this assessment will examine: 

  • Network performance 
  • Capacity/storage 
  • Bandwidth usage 
  • Allocation of resources  
  • Mobile device policies 
  • Serve room layout 
  • Number of networks or servers in use  
  • Software versions, support, and updates
  • Network security 
  • Service providers 
  • Hardware age and capacity 
  • Physical security 
  • Network-related issues 
  • User-related issues 

 How does an infrastructure assessment benefit your IT? 

An assessment of your IT infrastructure will aid your business in establishing a comprehensive view of the current state of your network. Additionally, it will help you to identify opportunities for improvement and make better-informed and strategic decisions. 

1. Get an overview of your infrastructure: 

A comprehensive infrastructure assessment helps you get a realistic snapshot of your organization. It helps you analyze the strengths of your IT infrastructure as well as the areas of improvements that can be worked on. This can help you measure network requirements, IT policies, governance, compliance and check if they are being implemented properly.  
You get an overview of the IT risks involved that could help you put forward a fool proof IT security management blueprint that can solve the IT issues proactively.  

2.  Know your risks beforehand and detect them early  

IT Infrastructure Evaluation helps you to recognise any anomalies within your processes and  understand similarities by analysis of failure trends byroutine health checks of your infrastructure.Note  that without monitoring your systems, you cannot know if they are running out of capacity.  You can only figure it out after the issue has turned into a bigger problem.  Monitoring the networks takes problems such as network congestion  out of the equation well before they reach end users.  Not only is this method more successful for end- users,  it also relieves the burden on the IT team.   This can mark a shift, as you focus on preventing the outages more than fighting the fires. 

3. Effective  Planning  of Expenditures: 

The IT infrastructure evaluation will correctly measure the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your
 IT services, including procurement, implementation, and maintenance costs. It is also helpful to decide
 whether the functions performed by your current setup can be performed at a lower TCO level.

4. Reduces disruptions:

With the IT infrastructure evaluation, you can discover the old, vulnerable and dangerous legacy equipment from the IT infrastructure  that will help your company.  On the basis of this knowledge,  you can come up with a strategy to upgrade or  refactor equipment to reduce  business disruption.
 As it eliminates several primary vulnerabilities, it ensures higher network capacity.

5. Meet  Compliance requirements: 

Corporate governance consists of two parts: recognizing the software compliance risks faced by 
the business, and mitigating those risks before they result in damage to reputation and penalties. 
IT Assessment of the infrastructure allows you to list software systems that are no longer
 in use and that must be discarded. Taking remediation measures by identifying software assets that do not interfere with each other and finding possible cases of software overlap also solves most share of the problems.

How Tekpros can help?

Whether you are looking to save on the Azure  costs, get support on unused licenses or navigate through complicated  licensing, policies and restrictions, TEKPROS provides a comprehensive insight into your deployed assets, equip you with solutions to reduce Azure  licensing and support costs and enhance your Azure  Cloud relationship.

We help you by:

  • Assistance in expediting the migration through its lifecycle.
  • Driving value creation, reducing Total Cost of Ownership and Complexity.
  • Managing end-to-end execution and deployment in cloud.
  • Analyzing, assessing and automating repetitive processes.

Talk to us to know how we streamline the migration process, define a cloud adoption strategy, frame a cloud business case , offer you end-to-end Cloud Delivery Services and maximise your cloud investment.

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