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Why Cloud computing is the technology savior amid disasters?


The unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted many businesses, its productivity as well as its economic growth. Amid businesses, the crisis  has posed serious challenges of ensuring business continuity,  security and compliance constraints, managerial and operational transformation, employee–client connect- specially to those who don’t have a cloud infrastructure in place.
Having a cloud infrastructure in place ensures business continuity by taking care of data availability, by providing employee engagement, and enabling business operations even in such deadlock situation. The ease of accessibility of cloud and the readily available data helps businesses maintain collaboration, aiding smooth and continuous business stability.
 Cloud fits in the way we work now- whether we are in crisis or not and is all-in-all a worthwhile investments that a business can make. However, cloud also comes with a few legitimate concerns that can otherwise be solved. Let’s Look at them.

Outages are possible in cloud as it’s internet-based. But the pros are also in favour of it pertaining to the current situations as majority of businesses are working remotely. However, outages can be handled either by hosting data offsite in a cloud environment or by routinely backing up data and resources in cloud to ensure quick recovery of data in the event of a disaster. Teaming with a cloud solution provider who provides you with a high availability service ensure you that your applications never go down for more than a few minutes along with preventing data loss.

While many argue that cloud security is a serious issue as you don’t have the control of your data,  the argument can be nullified by the fact that there has been quite many advancements in cloud security. Cloud providers and solution providers are equipped with all the tools/ software solutions to take care of your data its security. Right from allowing an access using advanced authentication procedures, to proactively jumping in to resolve an incident, to backing up all data and ensuring continuous compliance- cloud solution providers give you an all-in-one support in handling your enterprise security.

Control and Flexibility
As mentioned before, if you fear to pass control of your critical data to your cloud vendor/Cloud solution provider, a better way would be to work and team up with them to implement your system.

We help you gain control or visibility by helping you to analyze processes real-time and consistently backing you up with support to deal with the same. We help you understand cloud and how it aligns with your business, help you see the roadmap ahead and give you advice on the most efficient way of organizing your processes.  It’s collaborative rather than passing the control.

Technical problems
Partnering with a cloud solution provider can be very handy here. Typically the problem most businesses face with cloud is that they lack an understanding on the responsibilities shared by the  cloud vendor as well their IT staff in resolving the issues. While there’s always an escalation to and from the business to the cloud vendors, a cloud solution provider has the right expertise to solve the issues proactively without escalation or intervention of the cloud vendor and via their own help deks.

It’s quite obvious when vendors storm you with updates, upgrades and offers about the recent cloud products. Though there isn’t anything negative about it, you only need to select products suitable for your business. Partnerships with CSP can help you out of the vendor lock-in shackles and provide you with the best recommendations for your business.

The cloud is the most efficient place a business can stay in the era as it offers a promise of ffexibility, scalabilty, Cost-efficiency and so –on. And in this journey, a cloud solution provider will offer you the best business advice prior, during and after the implementation. In the move to the cloud, a CSP gives you the benefits and expertise of an IT department without having to own one.

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