What is Azure Stack? An Overview

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Hybrid cloud is the new-age solution for businesses who aim for flexibility and growth in their IT infrastructure without compromising on their business needs. Most enterprises use Azure Hybrid cloud for meeting their data regulatory or sovereignty requirements and unified application development needs. Other reasons include:

–  When they need to use the same code to run in their data center as it is used in the public cloud.
–  When there is network latency or unreliable connectivity issues that makes cloud infeasible
– When you need to unify security policies across digital assets online and coordinate different development teams for brand websites independently.
– When you need the flexibility to deploy the best-in-class hardware, software and services according to your business needs.
– When your business requires growth and scalability, without necessarily requiring additional on premise equipment or expensive infrastructure.

For these and many other reasons, Azure hybrid is the most sought-after platform for modern day businesses who aim to ratchet-up. Azure renders several tools and software solutions to implement Azure hybrid cloud. In this article, we discuss about Azure Stack, a hybrid cloud computing software solution developed by Microsoft and understand how it helps you ease your hybrid cloud deployment.

What is Azure Stack?  

Microsoft created the Azure Stack to help organizations embrace the hybrid cloud on their terms while addressing the business and technical considerations like customization, data sovereignty, regulations, and latency.

The basic principle of the Azure Stack is to enable organizations to hold sensitive data and information with their own data centers while giving the ability to reach the public cloud of Azure.  Azure Stack stages the implementation of apps on-Prem on Azure Stack, that was supposed to be moved to Azure public cloud. As both are similar environments, migrating to Azure Stack is technically migrating to Azure Cloud- but in your own Own-Prem Dev/test and On-Prem Datacenter environment.

Moreover, Adding computing capacity is simpler on Azure Stack as Azure Stack (and Azure public) aggregate CPUs, Storage, Networking, Database Tier, Web Tier and simply allows you to allocate the amount of capacity you want/need, and your application is given the RESOURCES you want it to have. You can add resources, or remove resources, and you’re not actually “adding VMs” and “removing VMs”. Azure stack provides the consistency required by developers to build and deploy a single application for both the public and private cloud without building separate applications for each platform.

Similar to Azure, Azure Stack services run on top of Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows and uses Microsoft’s Networking and storage solution to function seamlessly. Azure Stack also resolves the data distribution complexity aspect of Hybrid Cloud, which is one of the toughest challenges of Hybrid cloud implementation.

The different Use Cases and Scenario of Azure Stack

There are different use cases of Azure Stack and Microsoft has cited 3 scenarios for the same.

Edge and Disconnected solutions

Azure stack is used in situations where there is an unreliable network connectivity, or in remote locations without internet connections, eg airplanes or ships. Azure Stack allows the use of Azure cloud methods to make decisions for analytical purposes.

Cloud applications that meet regulatory purposes          

Azure Stack not only helps organizations understand the value and potential of cloud technology, but also meet the regulatory and technical/non-technical concerns. They can use the Azure Stack to host different instances of the same applications on the public and private cloud using Azure Stack.

Provide cloud application model to on-premises

Applications developed for the Azure Stack environment can be deployed to Azure easily when required to scale beyond the on-premises Azure Stack capabilities. Developers can design applications and workloads to run specific tasks locally before moving them to the public cloud gathering details on application performance and analytics. The DevOps process will effortlessly update and extend the business legacy applications with Azure Stack.

When would I use Azure Stack vs. Azure?

 Examples of real-world use cases for Azure Stack include:
 • Edge and disconnected solutions where customers can address latency and connectivity requirements by processing data locally in Azure Stack and then aggregate in Azure for further analytics, with common application logic across both.
• Modern applications across cloud and on-premises where customers can apply the same Azure web and mobile app services, containers, serverless and microservice architectures to update legacy applications with Azure Stack, using a consistent DevOps process across on-premises and cloud.
 • Cloud applications that meet every regulation where customers can develop and deploy applications in Azure, with full flexibility to deploy on-premises with Azure Stack to meet regulatory and policies requirements, with no code changes needed.

Azure Stack with Tekpros

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