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 Though moving to cloud offer bottom line benefits- you need to make strategic optimization implementations to make the most out of your cloud investments.  If you are missing on any of it, all your cloud processes can go immeasurable and haywire- leaving the move to cloud seems meaningless. However, you also need the right tools and approach to right-size/optimize, without which, cloud optimization can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

There is an ever growing list of best practices to follow, and it’s constantly in flux as your cloud workloads evolve. Add the challenges and emergencies you face on a day-to-day basis, and it’s easy to understand why it’s hard to be proactive about ensuring your cloud resources are running optimally.
Cloud optimization can be divided into three phases: Governance, Architecture and Cost. It’s necessary to equally act on these aspects to make the best use of cloud. Let’s discuss in detail.

Azure Governance and Management
Not meeting the governance/ compliance requirements can lead to a lack of confidence in the company, decrease its growth potential and mounting penalties. Several businesses overlook the aspect and as a result face the downsides.

Governance and management optimization can help meet the following objectives:

  • Meet the legal requirements for data sovereignty along with a check on their critical systems in aspects of compliance.
  • See if every resource is accountable and billed back accurately and ensure that your data and systems are billed effectively.
  • Measure and  meet financial objectives while moving from CapeX to Opex systems, conduct showback vs. chargeback analysis and get a clear-cut estimation in billing for large cloud deployments.
  • Leverage remediation strategies for vulnerabilities on the cloud and ensure they meet the compliance standards set by the cloud provider as well as the business SLA’s.
  • Get all round support, whether you are getting started or already deploying business-critical workloads on Azure and optimizing your business environments.

Azure Architecture Optimization

In the cloud, it’s important to look regularly and closely at how your applications and services are architected and utilized. It’s the best way to identify opportunities that will let you right-size your instances, fine tune your databases, modify your storage usage, better configure your load balancers, or even re-architect your applications. Optimizing cloud architecture meets 3 major goals:

  1. Improve performance, availability, and end-user experience by taking better advantage of cloud services
  2. Optimize your cloud spend, striking the delicate balance between cost and performance
  3. Capture business and technical metrics that help justify your current cloud spend that can be referenced as justification for a larger cloud budget as growth dictates

We perform cloud architecture optimization by:

Accessing the current status of your cloud architecture, along with any involved coding or designing processes to identify areas of concrete improvement and prevailing gaps.
– Unceasing optimization to identify mis-provisioned resources by correctly configuring the cloud resources to deliver the required services and performance levels.
-Block grey software/malicious sites, manage applications usage, control access to sites that don’t conform to corporate security policy.
– Isolate corporate data from personal data in special containers that can be encrypted, wiped and accessed separately from employee’s personal data

Azure Cost Optimization

Many organizations are moving additional resources to the cloud, and cloud costs are becoming a large part of IT budgets. As you get started with Azure cost management, there are built-in pricing models that can help you save and optimize costs, tools that can help visualize and manage costs, and also proven best practices you can use to reduce waste and improve utilization of existing resources. With Azure cost optimization,  we help you identify and understand cost drivers and spikes, optimize your spending with breakdowns and get help governing your finances.

Instead of just cutting costs, get help spending on the right resource and maximize your investments. Identify and eliminate waste, leverage long-term savings, like Reserved and Spot Instances and reduce costs with automated on/off scheduling.

 Leverage our team of cloud certified engineers to implement recommendations, which includes:

  • Visualizing  the consumption of resources on the cloud to have more control over cloud storage, cloud spend etc and deploy cost control measures by empowering teams to their own spend through statistics about usage and costs.
  • Consolidate billing, monitor and optimize spend, and eliminate surprises with integrated visibility, budget and cost control.
  • Monitor resource utilization levels; manage allocation or quotas; and accurately plan, forecast or predict, and control azure usage

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