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Migrating your Oracle Database to Azure

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Oracle and Microsoft have just announced a partnership. The cloud supergiants Microsoft and Oracle will now be working together to help businesses embrace cloud computing and provide increased choice and flexibility in their deployment of Oracle software.

Now enterprises can run part of a workload within Azure and another part of the same workload within the Oracle Cloud, and together deliver a highly optimized, best-of-both-clouds solution. Let’s understand in detail.

Oracle Databases in Azure

In Azure, you can either use the Standard or Enterprise Edition of Oracle. And, these can run on a variety of OS, including Oracle Linux and Windows Server. Here, most Oracle applications are supported and be run in Azure, which includes Oracle Retail, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and WebLogic Server.

There are a variety of benefits of Migrating Oracle Databases to Azure, some which include:

  • They ensure high availability as Oracle databases can be hosted in different availability zones/sets for data duplication and failover options. You also have options in Oracle like Sharding and Golden gate to ensure availability. If you are not familiar, Oracle GoldenGate is a comprehensive software package for real-time data integration and replication in heterogeneous IT environments. 
  • Oracle lets you scale storage and compute resources as needed to adapt to changing workloads.
  • The popular hybrid infrastructure of Azure could be hooked-up with Oracle Cloud and with on-premises resources through Azure Stack. The collaboration of the two enables you to configure the greatest flexibility for your workloads and data.
  • Azure is compatible with Oracle’s Data Guard, that allows you set up a failover database in case of disaster recovery. With the activation of Data Guard Far Sync, you can ensure that your failover remains consistent with your production database.
  • You can back up databases directly or use RMAN which offers the ability to write RMAN backups to blob storage for added loss protection.

Oracle Applications in Azure: Do’s and Dont’s

When moving your Oracle applications to Azure, there are a few architecture considerations that are particularly important if you want to use a hybrid infrastructure.

  1. Deciding how to host your applications:
    To start, Oracle applications are composed of multiple services. This means you need to decide whether you want to host services in one machine or across multiple machines. These machines can be hosted in Azure, on-premises, or on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It is easiest to host services on a single infrastructure or machine but distributing services can increase resiliency and availability.

2. Make sure that your IP spaces don’t overlap: Setting up your application instances can either be done on public or private endpoints. Oracle and Microsoft recommends setting up another Bastion host instance in a separate subnet, with a public IP for application management. You can then assign private IPs to your worker instances.

3. Security considerations: To enhance your security, you should be creating network security groups at the subnet level. This helps ensuring that your traffic is restricted to only the ports and IP addresses you choose. It also helps you focus on protecting the most vulnerable tiers that are externally faced.

Tekpros Oracle-to-Azure Migration Services

Tekpros provides a full suite of Oracle to Azure Migration services in a four-phased approach after audit and a detailed compliance check. Here’s an overview:

  • We have an expert team with a sound Oracle migration and Azure architecture knowledge who can help you maximize all the features on Azure and optimize your Oracle workloads
  • We conduct an assessment workshop that help you understand your migration objectives, challenges, and concerns and gain an overview of your existing IT estate and Oracle workloads for migration.
  • We conduct a Proof of concept (POC) testing to ensure migrations meet your criteria for success followed by a final recommendation report for successfully running Oracle systems on Azure
  • Full suite of services for ongoing monitoring, optimization, and support for Azure environments

Free assessment and Cloud consultation

Fed up with Oracle’s policies, audits, and contracts?
Need help to navigate the maze of Oracle management.?

Oracle can be a powerful enterprise technology infrastructure- when you have a trusted partner by your side.

We can help you make the most of your Oracle investment and make it seem less like a cost-centre by extending our support in your Oracle deployments.

Our clients see returns in the form of:
– Reduced annual support costs
– Drastically improved compliance costs
– Eliminated overspend
– Peace of mind when it comes to Oracle audits
– An accurate view of Oracle usage

Let’s start with a 30-min cloud consultation and you’ll walk away with the bones of an Oracle optimization plan.

Drop us a message in here or call us at 972 267 8357.

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