How to implement a Data Security Management System


Data is the lifeblood of the organization and it’s important that you secure every gateway of where and how your data moves. The cyber threats, hackers and data breaches have become far more advanced and crucial that you trace out and secure all your mobile, IoT devices and every end-point from where your business data is accessed.  

Data can be hacked through a number of ways- phishing, social engineering, through emails, sensitive files, compliance mandates, data breaches and so on. In this article, we explore the services, best practices, and approach to data security.

Start with an IT Assessment  

An IT assessment helps businesses identify their weak attack areas, point of vulnerabilities, and the future scope of a cyber-attack.  It focusses on various levels of operations and it’s generally complex which is why specialist is brought in to execute it. It involves the following aspects.  
Risk assessment
Discover possible risks and define mitigation strategies that fit your company’s security objectives so as to prevent future data breaches and manage risks associated with it. 

Vulnerability testing: 
Evaluate how vulnerable your data and applications are to risks. Eliminate exposure to software defects, safeguard sensitive information and protect the critical assets of your IT environment. 

Security Audit: 
Perform a detailed security audit and evaluate your company’s present security environment which can help you deliver security roadmap based on industry standard frameworks and controls. 

Threat Modelling: 
Assess and quantify the vulnerabilities in the organization and deploy information security solutions to mitigate risks and offer protection. 
A few of the important areas examined during an IT Assessment are: 

-System/Data Security 
-Technology Management 
-Mobile Device Management 
-Network Design 
-Server Infrastructure 
-Administrative Policies 
-Network Software 

The Information Security Operations 

The next area of focus of data security management is information security operations. Here the assessor goes a step further to safeguard the points of data entry, by executing a firewall to block malicious software and along with other activities that proactively address your information security challenges.  

Firewall management 

Implementing a firewall brings in unified security policies that integrate traditional and next-generation firewall into a single console.  Firewall automates several blocking mechanisms that ensure continuous data security and business compliance. 

Threat Hunting 

Threat hunting uses advanced analytics to monitor and identify threats, attacks, vulnerabilities that usually traditional security methods miss to detect. 

Incident Response 

Use threat intelligence to respond and recover from IT incidents faster using the most current security mechanisms, reduce exposure to risks and strengthen readiness to attacks. 

Vulnerability management 

Vulnerability management is an important aspect that many businesses miss to execute. Prevent data breaches by providing safe data sharing and access via secure channels; provide authentication mechanisms to restrict access to specific categories and enable secure mobility across corporate cloud based applications. This can be done by implementing the following steps:  

Device, User Identification and policy based access 

Implementing policy controls protects your business from unauthenticated entries to your end-points.  After you configure device identity authentication feature, you can configure security policies that allow or deny traffic from the identified device based on the policy action. Depending on the authentication source, the device uses one of the following two methods to obtain the device identity information either through active Directory or Third-party NAC systems.  

Patch Management 
Test and install multiple patches to an administered computer system, perform backups and keep your enterprise protected and compliant. Patch management is the process that helps acquire, test and install multiple patches (code changes) on existing applications and software tools on a computer, enabling systems to stay updated on existing patches and determining which patches are the appropriate ones. 

Data protection 

A recent study revealed that 92% of malware is delivered by email. Every point of data needs to assessed, monitored for high-risk behavior and activity. Services like Application Security, Email security and DNS security where we use best-in-class tools and practices to prevent malware from entering the system, detect vulnerability and maintain security before, during and after email attacks. 

 Compliance Mandates  

The risks of not securing your files is dangerous than ever. 15% of companies found 1,000,000+ files open to every employee. That can pose severe consequences that none can imagine. That’s why legislative governing bodies like European Union’s 2018 GDPR, California’s 2020 CCPA (California’s Consumer Privacy act) are imposing stricter controls and orders on Data protection.  

To keep your data safe, secure and protected, It’s crucial to properly set permissions on files and get rid of stale data. Keeping data classification and governance up to par is instrumental to maintaining compliance with data privacy legislation like HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001 and more.  

How Tekpros can help? 

TEKPROS delivers end-to-end data security services that proactively identify and mitigate risks, maintain business compliance and protect your business from intrusion.  
Here’s what we offer: 
• Centralize threat and data protection across endpoints and regain control of your end user IT environment.  
• Give employees options to securely work from the platform they find most productive. 
• Protect data with proper balance in management/client footprint through integrated Data Loss Prevention.  
• Monitor IT infrastructure and minimize risks with proactive cloud-based security.  
• Reduce overall management complexity and costs. 

Free IT security assessment 

Need a free IT security assessment for your business?

Schedule a free consultation with our experts to know how our methods can maximize the security performance of your IT environment.

This consultation will help you to:

  • Authenticate users and restrict access to personal data using basic /advanced authentication procedures
  • Identify, mitigate risks and remediate software vulnerabilities which exist in a system/organization.
  • Eliminate exposure to software defects, safeguard sensitive information and protect the critical assets of your IT environment
  • Strategize on your end point security and get our support services round the clock.

Need more guidance on how to protect your business against cyber-attacks?
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