Critical Steps to a Successful Azure Cloud Migration


Research shows that two-thirds of companies aren’t seeing the expected benefits from their cloud migration. This is because most businesses look at migration merely as a checklist.

A solid migration blueprint must include migration discovery and analysis, an optimized migration strategy, a check on the dependencies to prioritize applications and identify required remediations along with the right set of tools- not forgetting a contingency plan in place. Have you worked it out that way? Discover the right steps to a Successful Azure Migration and understand how Tekpros can be your partner in your digital transformation.

The Assess Phase

The Assess phase sets the stage for a successful migration by helping you understand the totality of your data center environment and reduce the risk of business disruption using a structured process.
– Organize your inventory into categories of apps, you can help set the course for your migration effort.
– Calculate application risk by assessing the two factors drive migration risk: business impact and complexity.
– Choosing a migration approach (Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect or Upgrade) and next steps based on workload type, criticality, risk assessment, and other factors.

Key questions answered during a cloud readiness assessment:

  • Is the organisation ready to move to cloud services?
  • Are the organisations objectives aligned with the cloud services model?
  • What changes would need to be put in place to move to the cloud?
  • What would be the impact of cloud services on data security, service availability and disaster recovery?
  • Which applications and services would benefit most from moving to the cloud?
  • What are the major problems and risks of moving to the cloud?
  • What are the advantages and limitations of cloud services both technically and strategically?

The Migrate Phase

Measure twice, cut once by following a careful approach to protect your business operations against disruption. Tekpros provides a wealth of guidance and tools to help you understand, plan, and carry out your migration to Azure. To drive value quickly, find quick wins by first rehosting application components and services in Azure, if possible, then refactor, rearchitect, or rebuild other components. Steps to a successful migration include:
– Designing a secure, compliant Azure reference architecture and building a Minimum Viable Cloud around it.
– Implement security and compliance controls and Install 3rd party tools for high-end security.
– Integrate your CI/CD pipeline with infrastructure automation and use templates to prepare your cloud to scale.
– Test and refine your application on Azure.
– Choose the right Azure-native or 3rd party tool for data migration.

The Optimize and Modernize Phase

Any migration project does not end after the migration itself. Once the virtual machines and workloads are migrated, you want to ensure peak performance, availability, and cost optimization. By exposing the virtual machines and workloads to Azure, you can start to move closer to immediate and longer-term goals, which might include reducing cost, optimizing availability and performance, and improving management and security.
– Monitor your costs and see how to optimize them with a better mix of Azure services or improved automation.
– Monitor performance and ensure you are meeting your migration goals—providing at least the same performance as you were with the on-premises model, or hitting a new performance target.
– Act on anomalous events immediately based on pre-approved actions and stay ahead in security.
– Beyond the immediate goal of migration, plan your next steps—what you can do next in Azure and reinvest to gain new capabilities.

Tekpros- Your strategic Partner to Azure Cloud Migration Success

Accelerate your cloud journey with our comprehensive solutions that takes you meticulously through each step of your cloud journey, perfecting at every step. Add our expertise to your adoption journey and enhance your experience with Azure cloud. We have been a reliable migration partner for decades to mid to huge enterprises in transforming their operations with cloud innovations.

Tekpros deep technical expertise, with certified employees, coupled with a client-first culture, is designed to offer clients with the necessary skills and capabilities to successfully migrate, secure, and run IT using a cloud-enabled model. Strong partnerships with leading technology providers further supplement this expertise to help you reach your best Azure Cloud state.
Address your biggest Migration Challenges:
– Reconfigure workloads as you move them to the cloud to meet applicable compliance and governance standards.
– Address issues with vendor lock-in, identify best technical and optimized solutions.
– Identify the best approach of migration that aligns your business objectives.
– Get 24X7 support in upgrades and at every stage of migration process.
– Evaluate the potential cost savings of migrating to Azure, compare TCO for Azure with that of on- premises deployment.

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