Address your Azure security roadblocks with Tekpros Managed Security Services

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Technology has become interconnected than ever and it’s imperative that your security needs are automatically factored into products and services instead of being bolstered on afterwards. In fact, the Security aspects of your organization must be viewed from a holistic risk management perspective and understood from business and attacker perspectives. This evaluation from both the perspectives helps you examine credible threats and understand the likelihood of a real-world abuse case.

Azure is one of the top players in the cloud market and is widely adopted by several organizations. However, like any other cloud, Azure also has inherent security issues that needs to be tracked down and eliminated. While there are already Azure tools to bridge the security shortcomings, you will need a managed security service provider to make proper utilization of Azure Cloud security.

Tekpros helps you get over it with an integrated approach that addresses security, compliance, governance, and management requirements. Here’s what you reap with our managed security services.

  • Leverage our Identity and Access Assurance for efficient user lifecycle administration
  • Get more control over security with granular access management and authentication
  • Centralized security policy management and encryption key lifecycle management for your business
  • Meet your data compliance audits and achieve favorable results
  • Secure your Data and Application for fine grained application entitlements
  • Integrate to directory services and simplify the enrollment process for end-users.
  • Enhanced Security management/ administration and user management/ compliance reporting

Compliance Management

Failing to comply with key compliance attestations like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001 can have multiple negative ramifications that can’t be quantified in real-time.

– We offer detailed compliance assessments to ensure that your organization scores against common regulatory compliance standards.

– Provide configuration hardening and monitoring, patching, user management and reporting to achieve PCI related compliance goals.

– Impose security controls to help configure your environment and meet your compliance requirements.

– Do a thorough compliance reporting, document through the lifecycle of compliance reports, legal texts, standards and objects for preparation of audits.

Privacy and Data Management

Address your privacy and data security concerns with a proactive partner who is always on the move to safeguard your infrastructure. Safeguard your sensitive business data, meet regulatory compliance standards and strike a balance between your privacy concerns and business goals with our holistic security services.

– Get benefitted from additional layers of governance over new or existing corporate and regulatory based data classification system.

– Implement advanced authentication to protect your sensitive information from fraud, unauthorized access and other overriding security concerns.

– Perform advanced data encryption with data access policy tools, encryption tools, key management automation to achieve succinct security posture.

– Tamper-proof auditing that tracks all authorized and unauthorized attempts to access protected data, as well as any changes to security policies.

Threat Detection and Remediation

Actively searching for threats is important for keeping your business safe. To find cyber threats, you need a team that monitors and manages your environment 24x7x365, using advanced technology and analytics. We act beyond threat prevention with actionable plans that implement swift breach detection and remediation to minimize the risk and diminish your threatscape.

– Monitor your environment 24×7, detects breaches using advanced analytics and tools and proactively looks for active risks .

– Quickly drop exposure to breaches by reducing the time so they don’t harm the security of your enterprise.

-Act on anomalous events immediately based on pre-approved actions and stay ahead in security.

-Support encryption, build a proactive security posture for all major relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server.

Managed Security

We are a counterculture to today’s status quo approaches to security. Overcome the burden of procurement, onboarding or ongoing maintenance through support tools, processes and stay ahead of attackers. Get proactive support in identifying potential attack vectors or vulnerabilities in your environment with end-to-end support and remediation guidance. Leverage our award-winning MSP services to:
Get ironclad intrusion detection log management and compliance management to protect your business and applications from malicious activity.

– Identify potential attack vectors or vulnerabilities in your environment and get end-to-end support and remediation guidance.

– Use two-factor authentication to reduce risk of unauthorized access to your mission critical data and applications.

-Get high-level data protection through secure column level encryption to achieve flexible compliance and retain full control of the security business environment.

Your All-in-one Azure Security Support Partner

Tekpros offers fully managed services that safeguard your IT landscape. We offer comprehensive, flexible cloud solutions that help in preventing, detecting and remediating today’s ever-evolving threat landscape to your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
We are a strategic partner to your security initiatives who help you establish a greater control of your IT infrastructure and paint an intelligent and clear picture of your ongoing security posture.

Our Expertise

  • Certified under Top 15 Cloud Consultants in Dallas, Texas
  • Award winning MSP for 4 years in a row
  • Strong industry partnerships with technology leaders
  • A Certified Microsoft partner
  • 1000+ IT certifications by team members
  • Decades of experience as a Cloud managed service provider and cloud solution provider

About Tekpros

At Tekpros, we believe in crafting cloud experiences that help businesses compete and win in the Cloud economy. With a team of IT experts known to have solved the toughest cloud challenges, we fuel your cloud initiatives by delivering advanced on-prem, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud solutions, which span over infrastructure, applications, data, and security. Over decades, we’ve been the choice to our clients for our innovative approach, streamlined execution and strategies that helped them touch the cornerstone of their cloud expectations.

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