Roles and Responsibilities of Cloud Solution Provider


The cloud is being heavily adopted by the businesses for the promising benefits it offers. But you can really consume the benefits it offers, only when the complexities are dealt properly. Partnering with a Cloud Solution Provider can help you offload the burden of management, deal with the complexities and experience the benefits on a full swing.

Role of Cloud Service Providers in Enterprise Data Management

Improved accessibility and security

Adopting cloud computing helps business processes, enhances IT efficiency and cuts costs of running, upgrading and maintaining your IT.

With the help of CSP, your business is armed with enhanced security and is more protected in safe ways. The data is distributed to a number of remote data center facilities owned and operated by third-party service providers. In this arrangement, the enterprise-grade servers are housed in climate-controlled rooms to provide seamless protection, easy accessibility and for maintaining business continuity and enable uninterrupted connectivity.

Offloads Recurring tasks-makes space for innovation

Cloud service Provider sets your IT staff free from mundane and time-consuming tasks of maintaining, repairing, and upgrading hardware equipment such as servers, so that your IT staff are free from it and focus on innovating your business.


CSP’s bring years of experience and offer all-in-one expertise that helps you to jump into the project right away. If this was in the case of an in-house, handling the same projects could take weeks or months, especially if you need to hire and train people and provide the support they need.

Moreover, CSPs are trained to deal with the latest technologies and are capable of providing services that handles growth spurts and emerging IT issues. This eliminates detrimental downtime, improve system availability, and help your business stay productive- again optimizing costs to a different level.     

 CapEx reduction

Roughly 25 percent of a company’s IT budget is spent on capital which can be a sizable chunk of the overall budget.  But it’s always possible to reduce this expenditure, removing it completely or shifting it to operational expenditure. Businesses are often challenged with decisions on where to invest their capital and how to focus their capital investment on revenue-generating initiatives. Cloud CSP’s helps businesses free up capital by shifting IT costs to operating expenses, where companies can have greater flexibility to control costs.

Disaster recovery and business-continuity.

Cloud Service Providers have all the networks and data-centers readily available in place, thus making IT resilient and redundant for maintaining business continuity. They also have a contingency plan; disaster recovery planned ahead to proactively jump into the situation.  CSP’s are equipped with latest technologies, expertise and hold prior experience in dealing with scenarios like outages, down-times, attacks or incidents strategically.

Improved security, business resilience, and compliance risk.

The core areas of business like reducing risks related to security, business continuity and compliance are some of the critical areas of IT can be effectively addressed by managed services. Handling Issues like escalating threats and complex technology landscape is quite difficult for in-house IT organizations as the requirements constantly change. CSP’s have up-to-date skills and technologies and so they automate most of the stuff (from basic patch management to vulnerability scanning to data backup) to reduce risks. A services provider can also bring proven processes, procedures and infrastructure resources to help clients recover critical systems and data with time frames specified by regulatory requirements—and test these procedures regularly to make sure they work. An CSP backs you up on all service levels and help you address IT risks from a holistic perspective.

Better service levels and reduced risk.

Service quality is the ultimate value that a managed services provider can offer. Moreover, the promises of service quality made by the CSP’s are evidence-based and are backed by contractual service level agreements. Services providers are therefore highly incented to develop the tools, processes, and governance required to deliver reliable services cost-effectively.

Access to technology innovation.

Since CSP’s are adept in skills/ resources to implement new technologies quickly, they enable clients o readily exploit IT innovations to remain competent in the market. Furthermore, the scenario pushes towards driving lower costs and creating a market focused on customer needs.


A managed network can give you the ability to centralize all your applications and servers within managed data centers, thus leading to improved performance of staff, regardless of location. Access to centralized data centers within the network can also provide access to virtual services, as well as storage and backup infrastructure- so you can control your IT from anywhere.

We provide a roadmap to your Azure Cloud Success

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